The Ultimate Guide to Making Fruit Jam in California

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From peaches, apricots, tomatoes to cherries, strawberries, and super-sweet raspberries, there’s no doubt that these fruits make the best jam. Be it summer or winter, you can easily enjoy the pleasure of having this delicious fruit jam in California anytime. And, when it’s homemade, the taste is just beyond words. So, why not prepare this super luscious jam on your own.

To help you out, here’s a complete step by step guide to making your own super tasty fruit jam.

Recipe for Making the Scrumptious Fruit Jam

For jamming, you just need an equal amount of fruit and sugar .i.e. 1:1 ratio. Don’t add too much sugar or too much fruit as it may lose its preserving effect. Depending on your choice, you can use any of the fruit. Try to exploit fresh, a little under-ripe fruit to get the finest flavor for the jam. So, you need:

  • 1kg Granulated Sugar
  • 1kg Fruit
  • Pectin and/or Lemon juice

Slice it up

Now, wash the fruit thoroughly and then cut it up. You can either use a blend of fruits or just stick with your favorite one. Ensure that the fruit is not overripe. Now, simply cook the fruit with sugar to make jam so as to provide taste to your fruit before actually beginning the process. You can use five to six cups of fruit per one cup of granulated sugar.

Time to Heat it Up

It’s time to combine sugar and fruit in a large bowl at room temperature. Allow the fruit to break down as the sugar completely dissolves. It may take around 20 minutes. After that, boil this blend over medium heat, and add pectin, a little lemon juice, and a pinch of salt for stability.

Now, put this mixture on low heat for15–20 minutes so that your organic low sugar fruit jam becomes thick enough.

Jar This Tasty Blend
Move your freshly prepared fruit jam to a sterilized jar. If thinking to preserve it for a long-term, tighten the jar, and immerse it in boiling water for 10–20 minutes. Now, let it cool down. And, if you want your jam for a short-term use, just pour the jam in a jar, lid it up, and let it cool down before you put it in the refrigerator.

Tasty, Homemade Jam is Ready to Serve

So, your fruit jam is completely ready. Pair it up with any of the dishes and enjoy it’s luscious flavor. Next time if you plan to make a delicious, homemade fruit jam in California, don’t forget to follow these important steps.

‘Get ready to fill up your taste buds with the flavors of mouth-watering, handmade fruit jam.’

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