About Us

Growing up in Brittany, France, I would pick fresh berries in the summer and apples and pears in the fall. Using these fresh fruits, I learned to make preserves and to cook the fruit in a copper kettle to retain all its taste and nutritional value. I started blending fruits and flavors to produce innovative naturally-sweet preserves. 

When I started my own business fifteen years ago – Les Fruits Potines, an artisanal kitchen located near Rennes, France – I sought to recreate those flavors of my youth. I began selling my preserves in local markets. People liked them so well I was able to expand my sales throughout France. I attribute this success to giving consumers natural foods that taste great.

San Francisco is now my home. Still I continue to make those fruit jams as well as new ones that I have developed. I hope to share the simple pleasure of all-natural homemade preserves with you. I have a fundamental commitment to my customers; to deliver a quality product loaded with authentic flavor and nutritional value. 

Bon appétit!

Coco Guilhem